In an aim to improve student achievement in basic education, modernize Lithuanian schools and to make a more efficient use of financial resources, the Education Improvement Project was prepared by the Lithuanian Ministry of Education and Science in 2001. Today, it is the biggest Lithuanian investment into education, funded from a World Bank loan and co-financed by the Government of the Republic of Lithuania and municipal funds.

Enhancing the quality of teaching and learning in basic schools, introducting new learning strategies and cooperation-based methods, upgrading teaching equipment, renovation of schools and improving their energy efficiency, optimization of municipal school networks, establishment of monitoring systems, creation of education quality magement and policy analysis systems are all activities of Lithuanian Education Improvement Project.

Please visit the World Bank homepage for sucess stories on the Education Improvement Project.

Presentation by Mr. Ricardas Alisauskas "Development of Education Quality Management System" (ppt) at Quality Assurance in VET: Exchange of Good Practices and Institutional Co-operation, Finnish National Board of Education conference, Espoo, Finland, 2005 02

Presentation by Ms. Rasa Snipiene, Director of EIP PCU, "EDUCATION IMPROVEMENT PROJECT: MANAGEMENT AND OPERATION", 2003 10 (ppt) EIP was introduced in the conference organized by Lithuania and UNESCO “Strategies to improve transparency and accountability in education” (October 2003), at the International Education Forum in Vilnius (October 2003), at the seminar for the participants of ARION (EU Program for Education Policy Makers) organized in Vilnius (May 2004), during the visit to MES of the representatives of Kaliningrad education community (September 2004).

Report "EDUCATION IN LITHUANIA 2003" prepared by Education Improvement Project (pdf)

Presentation by Mr. Ricardas Alisauskas "Development of Education Quality Management System in Lithuania", 3rd European Quality Conference for Public Administrations", Rotterdam, 2004 09 (pdf)

Presentation by Mr. Ricardas Alisauskas "Lithuanian Education Quality Management: System of School Internal and External Audits", Bucharest, 2004 05 (pdf)

Goals, objectives and priorities of Education Improvement Project (doc)